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Important Things about Residential Appraisal

When buying or selling our homes, it is often a good idea to get a residential appraisal expert to appraise our homes. Often, most lending institutions will use this professional to estimate the value of the home before lending any money to the buyer. Such undertaking is a requirement in a mortgage process. In case the seller has overpriced the home, say at $500,000, but the expert appraiser has valued the property at $425,000, the bank will not accept to lend the full amount demanded by the seller to the buyer. Just like the buyer don’t want to buy something at a price higher than the market value, the bank too will not want to lend to the buyer more than what the house value will cost. Residential appraisals are good both for the bank and the buyer.

Whenever you want to obtain a loan and buy a house, the bank you will approach will give you the details of those appraisers, licensed and certified, who have worked with the lending entity. These expert appraisers often do the work with consistent accuracy of the pricing but the amount to be borrowed will depend on the buyer. Home appraisers uses two methods to establish the value of the property. The first is the sales comparison approach and the cost approach.

Just like the term refers, comparison approach is where the house to be sold is compared with those that were sold recently in the neighborhood. The features that the house have are weighed together with those of the recently sold houses. Such things as the size of the home, the size of the compound, the type of a house, various components and also various features.

The other way of determining a house value is through the cost method. The idea is this method is the cost that will be required to build a similar house in case the one to be sold was destroyed. After that cost has been determine, the next focus will be on the worth of the land and also the depression value to determine the final price.

A complete appraisal should have the following content. The report should show in details how the appraiser determine the worth of the house. Here, the procedure of price determination of the property is elaborated in details. The report should also contain a description of the house and anything that has be done to make it better. The appraiser should ensure that all the important features are not left out in the description.

Various structural issues should be reported, including leaking in the basement or foundation. Appraisal report should give some space for a detailed description of the neighborhood area. There should be a comparative market analysis to sum up the property valuing. There should be a picture of the property or a map that describes the aspects of the property.

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