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An Insight in Regard to Youngevity Products and Minerals.

The body of a person will always function properly when all compounds and elements are available. During ingestion or taking in of food materials, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins forms the large proportion. Nitrogen oxygen, carbon and hydrogen are the elements that constituted these compounds. On the other hand, health and life sustenance requires other elements apart from these four.

Therefore, the body will need other elements like zinc, calcium, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, selenium, cobalt and copper and others. These Rich Minerals play a vital role in the human body. Through taking mineral-rich drinks and foods, the get their way into the body. Their major role is body development and normal growth. This means some of the roles they perform are.

A. Roles played by Calcium.

This is one of the most crucial mineral that body requires. It is mostly used when the body has to synthesize or manufacture bone materials such as teeth. Having strong teeth and bones indicates that the body is rich in calcium ions. It is also involved in nerve functioning and muscle formation. Proper contraction and relaxation of blood vessels will also be as a result of calcium abundance.

B. Phosphorous roles in the body.

It is obvious that during growth some cells and tissues might suffer injuries or die. Therefore, they need to be repaired. Therefore, phosphorous will be repairing these damaged cells or tissues. Genetical formation and composition also requires phosphorous.

C. Roles of magnesium

This mineral will be responsible of stimulating enzymes as well as balancing of calcium level. When the body is producing energy, the element will be actively involved.

D. Sodium.

Sodium will be primarily used in regulation of blood behavior such as pressure and volume. The way muscles functions also depend on sodium ions availability

E. Potassium.

Stimuli response requires electrical transmissions. Potassium therefore acts as the body electrolyte. These ions will also help the body in maintenance of heart health and regulation of digestive and muscular activities.

F. Chloride and iron roles.

Body fluids are balanced by chloride ions while hemoglobin formation requires iron. Role of hemoglobin is transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

G. Roles of Copper, zinc and manganese.

The role of zinc is to strengthen body immune system. The role of manganese will involve formation of nerve cells, clotting compounds, and sex hormones.

Thyroid glands development will require iodine and other Rich Minerals. Bone strength, structure, formation and reduction in tooth decay is the work of fluoride while thyroid performance is influenced by selenium. Apart from these, there are other Rich Minerals that help the body physiological processes to function properly.

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