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The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about

the Origin of Guy Fawkes Mask and Its Development.

Guy Fawkes used to live in the times of Queen Elizabeth. It was then that when you did something that was against the queen you could be killed. The punishment was to be hanged or separate the head from the body. Guy Fawkes then saw that the sentence was too much and decided to kill himself by jumping from a ladder. Read more below to understand where Guy Fawkes mask came from and its progress.

When Queen Elizabeth 1 was in the throne, she beheaded many priests because did not like anyone who practised being a Catholic. This behaviour continued even when King James was on the throne. By then Guy Fawkes was not satisfied with this behaviour because he was a Catholic. Therefore, he took some forces with other people of Catholic and decided to blow up parliament house using gunpowder.

The life of Guy Fawkes was mostly spent in the battles. When he saw how the king repressed the Catholics it made him angry. Thus, he asked the king of Spain to start an English rebellion. This was to be done against King James. This is what the motivation of Guy Fawkes was in the planning of the gunpowder.

They were to put the gun powders in the basements of the houses of the lords. Guy Fawkes knew that the best day to do the explosion was the day that the parliament would be opened. This was to be a good day since the king and his eldest son were to be available. But then they were known because there was a letter that was sent and it was about the plan of the gunpowder. It was then that Guy Fawkes was found guilty since he was found in the basement with matches. When the day November 5th reached people now used to wear Guy Fawkes mask and imitate him on how he wanted to kill the king. He had not yet become their hero.

Some camps were set all through England. In the camp there was a man who was imprisoned and his name was V. He was detained because scientists used to have tests done on him. One day the prisoner broke free and burned down the entire camp. V decided to revenge on people who had him imprisoned. When doing this, he would wear the Guy Fawkes mask which would motivate him. Guy Fawkes mask had the same meaning as human rights shirt.

V then joined forces with Evey a girl he met and therefore they started fighting political parties that were not good. It was then that Guy Fawkes was seen as a hero because his mask was as a sign of freedom.