8 Dos and Don’ts for Wearing and Caring for Your Eyeglasses

If you have been suffering from poor vision for months or years, you will feel a sense of relief when you get your first eyeglasses. With your new eyewear, you can see and read things more clearly without the need to squint.

If you choose a pair of stylish eyeglasses, you will even have an accessory that can make you look great all the time and compliment any outfit you put on.

Owning a pair of fashionable eyewear, though, sometimes means getting designer frames, which tend to have a higher price. Because of this reason, you have to shell out a bit more for this type of eyeglasses.

8 Dos and Don’ts for Wearing and Caring for Your Eyeglasses

But whether you have a pair of designer eyeglasses or regular ones, you have to know how to wear and take care of them correctly to prolong their use and protect your investment.

If you want to get the most from your first prescription glasses, below are eight dos and don’ts to remember when wearing and caring for your eyewear:


1. Buy your glasses from a trustworthy optical shop.

Whether you are buying your first lens and frames in the UAE or have already purchased several before, it will always work to your advantage to get one from a trustworthy optical shop.

By purchasing from a reputable optical shop, you will be sure that you are getting good-quality eyewear. Moreover, if you want to buy a pair of designer glasses, you can be confident you will get authentic ones and not some knockoffs.

Additionally, the best optical shops have licensed optometrists who will examine your eyes and provide the appropriate prescription. Because of this, you will have a pair of glasses that corrects and improves your vision.

These shops also have trained salespeople that can help you choose frames that look great on you.

2. Have your vision checked before getting your glasses.

Although you may have picked stylish frames that look great on you, they will be useless if the lenses have the wrong prescription.

When you wear glasses with the wrong prescription, you will experience headaches, dizziness, eye fatigue, and blurry vision.

If you want to have a piece of eyewear that helps you see better, get an eye checkup first to know the lens power and interpupillary distance you need.

You can see your ophthalmologist to get a prescription. An optometrist from your chosen optical shop can also handle this process.

8 Dos and Don’ts for Wearing and Caring for Your Eyeglasses


3. Handle your eyeglasses with care.

Eyeglasses, even regular ones, are delicate and should be cared for properly. Start by keeping them in a case when you are not wearing them.

Also, avoid leaving your glasses in places where you or another person can sit or step on them. Don’t let your children play with them, even if you put them in their case.

Do not put your glasses in a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight. This is because the heat from the sun can damage the lens coating or melt the plastic frames.

Even if you have multi-coated or photochromic lenses or ones with UV protection (which are perfect for your stay in any UAE or Caribbean resort or a coastal area), protect your eyewear from strong, harmful rays by keeping them in their case and putting them in your bag if you do not need to wear them.

Finally, always use two hands to take your glasses off. If you remove them with only one hand, you can accidentally stretch and damage the arms of your eyewear.

4. Clean your glasses properly.

Keeping your glasses clean ensures you have clear lenses and vision all the time. As such, know the best practices for keeping them spotless.

Run your glasses under warm water for several seconds daily. For thorough cleaning, put a drop of mild liquid dish or hand soap on the lenses and rinse them properly, or use one of the ready-made spray cleaners available in the optical shops

Then use a microfiber cloth or the one that came with your eyewear to dry your glasses.

Cleaning your glasses correctly and regularly also allows you to reduce the number of bacteria living in your eyewear.


1. Place your glasses over your head.

Whether you think wearing your eyeglasses over your head is stylish or it is the most convenient place to put them when you don’t need them, stop this habit.

When you keep putting your glasses over your head, you will stretch out their arms. Over time, they will become loose. If you continue being careless, you may even break them.

If you don’t like leaving your glasses on your desk or in your bag when you don’t need them and want to be able to put them on easily, get an eyewear strap. You can hang this around your neck without any fear of dropping, breaking, or losing your eyeglasses.

2. Put your eyewear lens side down.

The lenses are the most delicate parts of your eyeglasses. One way of protecting them from scratches and breakage is always putting the lens side up when placing them on the desk or table.

When you put your glasses face down, the surface can scratch the lenses. Even if they have been treated with a scratch-resistant coating, it could also wear down over time. Because of this reason, it can’t protect your eyewear completely and indefinitely.

If you want to maintain the good condition of your lenses, avoid putting your glasses face down and store them in their case whenever possible.

3. Use harsh chemicals and a rough cloth to clean your glasses.

Some household cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals and other substances that can damage your eyewear frames and lens coating. Because of this, choose the products you use to clean your glasses carefully.

Stick to mild dishwashing liquid or even regular hand soap when cleaning your glasses.

Additionally, always use the microfiber cloth given with your glasses when wiping them clean. Avoid using your shirt, paper towels, and other similar materials since they can scratch or leave debris on the lenses.

4. Wear damaged or old eyeglasses.

No matter how expensive your glasses are or how much you love them, you can’t keep wearing the same one for years. You have to replace them when necessary.

Some signs that indicate your need to replace your glasses are:

  • Blurred vision
  • Frequent squinting
  • Eye fatigue
  • Headaches

8 Dos and Don’ts for Wearing and Caring for Your Eyeglasses

Also, if your eyeglasses are already showing signs of wear, you need to see an eye specialist and schedule a visit to an optical shop immediately.

By following these simple dos and don’ts, you can enjoy all the benefits of wearing your eyeglasses for a long time.



Firas Saab is the Training Manager at Al Jaber Optical in Dubai, the leading optical and eyewear company in the UAE that offers a comprehensive range of eyewear and optical services across the board, through a wide range of modern optical products and facilities. Firas is an enthusiastic trainer with more than a decade in the retail and optical industry and has recently acquired HND in Business and Management in addition to his Optical qualifications.

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