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Herbal Skin Care – Herbs For Healing Acne

Herbs have been used for a wide variety of health care remedies since the beginning of time. Using elements that occur naturally can effectively treat acne and other skin conditions. Herbal skin care is affordable, accessible and less like to cause skin irritation and sensitivity than traditional medications. When certain herbs are applied to your skin topically, they can be a healthy alternative solution to prescription medications.

Eucalyptus: This essential oil comes from the eucalyptus tree, which is one of the tallest known trees in the world and can be found in Australia, Africa, North America, India and Southern Europe. Eucalyptus is the most powerful antiseptic in its class and has outstanding astringent qualities, which aid in the treatment of acne-prone skin.

Papaya Enzyme: The papaya is a tropical fruit that has a nutrient-rich enzyme called papin. This enzyme is used to dissolve unwanted proteins and other dead materials on the surface of your skin. The papaya enzyme works to open pores, exfoliate, Maklon Kosmetik promote the turnover of skin cells, soften and smooth skin and improve your overall skin tone.

Sage: This silvery-green plant has fragrant leaves and is found growing in the Mediterranean and North …

Multiple Intelligences and Its Importance in Education

Learning theories in general are derived from the way theorists interpret human nature and how human beings learn.

Among the theories of learning proposed in the second half of the 20th century, I would like to highlight the theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner. Initially proposed as a theory of human intelligence, that is, as a cognitive model, MI attracted the attention of educators around the world due to its description of cognitive competence in terms of a set of skills, talents, or even intellectual competences, which Gardner called “intelligences”. Gardner’s intelligences are relatively autonomous, although they are not completely independent. It seems that the importance of MI for educators is in their recognition that each child has a different set of different skills, or a spectrum of intelligences.

In reality, Gardner’s theory of learning is an alternative view to the theory of traditional intelligence (Binet and Simon’s IQ). It is a pluralistic theory of intelligence.Unisma According to Gardner, the MI model has used, in part, knowledge that was not available at the time of Binet and Simon (1908): cognitive science (study of the mind) and neuroscience (study of the brain). In MI, intelligence comes to be