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What do you mean by erectile dysfunction?

It usually deals with decreased sexual arousal. . Experts agree that ED is a reasonably prevalent issue, despite the fact that prevalence estimates fluctuate. There’s usually no need to be concerned if it only happens once in a while. It can cause worry, anxiety, and relationship problems if it happens frequently.

There is various ways to treat Erectile dysfunction as with the help of science and technology it is found that after certain age not getting an erection is normal. Usually, it happens because of less flow of blood towards that area which causes no erection.

Below is some more knowledge about erectile dysfunction, its causes and treatments.

What are the causes which can be cured of Erectile dysfunction?

First, there are ED causes that are “reversible.” These are preventable factors, such as medications with an ED adverse effect, cigarettes, narcotics, or alcohol. Being overweight, stressed out, or having relationship problems can all contribute to ED. Although these causes are more difficult to address, if you can lose weight, reduce stress, or find strategies to work through interpersonal issues, your ED is likely to go away.

There are some different types of ED

SafeHeal raises €40M for ‘new standard of care’ in digestive surgery

French startup SafeHeal has closed a €40M financing round led by Sofinnova Partners, a European venture capital firm and Singapore-based medical device company, Genesis MedTech. The colovac device aims to ease digestive surgeries.


With the funding secured, SafeHeal is to continue and accelerate a running clinical trial named SAFE-2 in the US and Europe which has already been approved by the FDA. The study aims to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the novel surgery approach.

Patients with colorectal cancer usually undergo a standard surgical procedure that requires two surgeries and involves risks of physical complications such as sepsis or death. The colovac solution was invented by the French surgeon Dr Charam Khosrovani and is designed as a ten day internal flexible bypass sheath inlay that prevents leakage and contamination of the colorectal anastomotic site after an open or laparoscopic colorectal surgery. The device can be removed endoscopically, and the patient no longer requires an ostomy pouch.

This is why SafeHeal predicts that its invention will fundamentally reshape colorectal surgery and become a ‘new standard of care’ that might significantly increase the quality of patient outcome and wellbeing.


The French medtech company SafeHeal was

Afghanistan’s Health Care System Is Collapsing Under Stress

KABUL, Afghanistan — Amena, 7 months old, lay silently in her hospital crib amid the mewling of desperately ill infants in the malnutrition ward.

Her mother, Balqisa, had brought the child to Indira Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, the night before. “Her body was so hot,” she said, stroking her daughter’s emaciated leg.

The baby had a high fever, convulsions and sepsis, said Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Sadiq, a pediatrician, glancing at her chart.

“Her chances are not good,” the doctor said. “We got her too late.”

At the Indira Gandhi hospital, and in faltering hospitals across Afghanistan, famished children arrive by car and taxi and ambulance every day and night. Acute malnutrition is just one of a cascade of maladies that threaten to topple the country’s fragile health system.

Late last month, António Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, told the Security Council that Afghanistan was “hanging by a thread,” as he called for countries to suspend all sanctions that restricted the delivery of humanitarian aid to the country.

“For 20 years, we kept Afghanistan on a transfusion,” said Filipe Ribeiro, country representative for Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders, in Kabul. “Overnight, we removed the drip.

Top 8 Foods To Stop Premature Ejaculation – HealthPhreaks

In what way is premature ejaculation (PE) different from regular ejaculation (RE)? 

During sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when the ejaculation occurs earlier than desired. Ejaculation is also known by the terms “fast, early, or premature”; these terms allude to the ejaculation’s speed, peak, or earlyness. 

Having a premature ejaculation isn’t anything to worry about right away. Most of the time, external stress is to blame. 

Conversely, if you have many episodes of PE and it’s causing you great distress, you should speak to your doctor about it. Cenforce 100, are the commonly used pharmacological treatments.

What causes PE? 

PE is still a mystery to doctors. Your serotonin levels might also be a factor in your depression. 

As a chemical and neurotransmitter, serotonin has a significant role in the human body. It’s said to have an impact on your mood, hunger, sleep, memory, and sexual desire, as well as your ability to perform. Serotonin levels are lower in men who ejaculate more quickly. 

Psychological variables also have a significant role: 

  • Depression for a short time 
  • Stress 
  • Guilt 
  • Expectations of sexual performance that are unrealistic 
  • Repression of sexuality in the past 
  • There is a general lack of trust in

PointClickCare snaps up health IT company Audacious Inquiry

Digital collaboration and insights company PointClickCare announced its plans to purchase health IT company Audacious Inquiry for an undisclosed sum. 

Audacious Inquiry has a number of services focused on care coordination. Its “Encounter Notification Service” helps notify care teams when a patient gets admitted or discharged from the hospital. Its software offerings also includes a “Proactive Management Patient Transitions” software, which helps care teams manage patient transitions through a web-based application.

Its Archer service provides the patient’s individual clinician with all related hospital information.  

It also has software specifically for crisis situations. Its “Secure Access to Patient Health Information for Emergency Responders” helps gather patient data and history from national health information networks. 

Audacious Inquiry touts a number of big name partners including CMS, ONC, CDC and regional health information exchanges. 


Both PointClickCare and Audacious Inquiry work in the value-based care space, as well as with post-acute care coordination tools. PointClickCare plans on using Audacious Inquiry’s tools to grow its value-based capabilities. 

“We are excited to welcome Audacious Inquiry to the PointClickCare community as we build on our proven track record of solving complex problems in healthcare. This acquisition will enable PointClickCare to expand the reach of

8 Lessons About Intuitive Eating From the Eat Well Challenge

I love this tip for turning an everyday meal into a celebration. Creating a colorful and appetizing plate of food and reveling in the joy of cooking and eating are all ways to practice mindful eating. Studies suggest that the health benefits of Mediterranean-style eating, which includes an abundance of vegetables, olive oil and seafood, are likely enhanced by the tendency of people in the region to enjoy and savor their food and to turn every meal into a celebration with friends and family.

Many readers have discovered they have a habit of looking at their phones, reading, doing work or watching television while eating. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your food while watching the Super Bowl or during family movie night, mindful eating is best achieved when your focus is on the meal.

“My biggest aha moment so far: slowing down and really being present while I eat,” shared a reader. “I put my phone or book elsewhere and just focus on the taste, smell, texture, look of my food. I enjoy the food so much more when I savor it!”

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