Digital health products debut at CES 2022

CES is back in Las Vegas this year, and with that comes a slew of new product launches. The consumer technology event now has its own digital health track with a number of new companies and established names presenting and introducing new products. 

Read on below for MobiHealthNews’ list of CES 2022’s product announcements (and check back throughout the week as the reveals keep rolling in). 

Omron Healthcare announced a new remote patient monitoring tool and connected blood pressure monitors. Called VitalSight, the tool is designed to help individuals manage hypertension by sharing data to boost engagement and treatment. The VitalSight kit includes a connected blood pressure monitor and a “data hub” where data can be shared with patients and physicians. 

“VitalSight engages patients more in their hypertension management. This service securely shares accurate patient data with the patient’s care team and provides clinically relevant information that evolves treatment.

“Physicians who immediately adopted VitalSight are already telling us they are gaining greater insights into their patients and noting measurable behavior change for better heart health,” said Jeffrey Ray, executive director of business and technology at OMRON.

According to the release, the tool can be integrated into a provider’s EHR and doctors can set up an automatic notification system. 

Avokad is looking to help give users insight on their nutritional needs based on breath analysis. Users breathe into a nano-sensor device, which is able to measure ketones in their breath. 

The company’s artificial intelligence is then able to show a ketone score and keep track of a person’s fat-burning metabolism. It also includes AI-based suggestions to help users plan meals. 

Circular Ring is a connected wearable that helps track sleep and activity. It is able to analyze a person’s “bio-signals” when they are sleeping. It can also help users keep track of their physical activity and performance over time. Users can tap into the corresponding app to gain more insights about their health and wellbeing. 

BBalance created a mat-based scale that is able to give users a posture score and recommendations on how to improve posture. The mat is also able to give users information about their daily balanced weight and if it is in line with their health goals. The information is sent to an app and users can choose whether or not they would like to view their weight amount. 

The app also provides users with daily coaching about improving their health. 

BeHear SMARTO is a hand-held sound amplifier. Users are able to manually set the volume up or program the system. It can give users a 70dB hearing boost. The company said the technology can be used for in-person conversations, calls, audio, TV and computers. 

Owlet released a new baby-monitoring system called the Dream Duo. It was created to help track a baby’s sleep and provide insights about the child’s sleep needs. The system includes a wearable sock monitor, an HD video camera and a digital sleep coach. Parents are also able to use the Dream App to gather information about a baby’s sleep status and sleep over time. 

Smart-hearing company Eargo rolled out its sixth-generation hearing aid. The technology comes with a sound-adjust algorithm designed to change volume based on surrounding noise without the user manually adjusting the device. 

Connected health tech company Withings revealed its new Body Scan smart scale, touting features that can monitor segmented body composition, nerve activity and cardiovascular health.

The technology uses a low-level electrical signal to measure body composition, including the composition of individual body parts like the torso, arms and legs.

SelfCare One is focused on providing personalized skin and wellness serums. The technology includes a “self-care fountain”, which can dispense a user’s individualized skin treatment, based off of their selected beauty program.

It also has a coaching app where users can select their beauty program and learn more about each option. 

Elidah revealed a new pelvic floor treatment called Elitone, aimed at combating incontinence. The device was designed to deliver “therapeutic stimulation” for pelvic floor exercises. 

Caregiver Smart Solutions designed non-invasive sensors that can be placed around a senior’s home. The sensors can pick up a variety of motion-based metrics and relay that information to a caregiver through an app. 

Caregivers are able to see everything from kitchen and dining room motion to the house temperature and humidity. 

Colgate announced its smart electric toothbrush hum. The toothbrush is able to synch with a smartphone app, which gives users feedback on their brushing habits and can gamify the brushing experience. 

The technology includes smart sensors that help users target problem spots. 

greenTEG developed a small sensor called Calera that can fit into a wearable and is designed to measure physiological body temperature. The company said that the sensor is able to take continuous measurements and can work under all conditions, regardless of weather. 

IDICTION launched a new app called Sizeit, which is able to provide users with a body shape analysis. The system also gives information about health status and classifies your body type. 

BioSense developed a ketone monitor and mobile app. The sensor technology is able to measure ketone levels and the corresponding app lets users look at the impact of different foods on their body. Each day, users get a daily ketone score and the app lets users look at their trends over time. 

Sinasprite created a digital mental health mobile game. The technology is aimed at helping individuals develop coping skills, manage anxiety, depression and substance abuse, and explore emotions. The employee-focused product is aimed at boosting holistic health. 


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